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I like to think that season 4 and 5 never existed. Especially season 5. I’m so angry when i see what they did with Morgana. Or what they did not do actually. She could have had the best arc ever, i mean, until season 3, they did a really great job with her.

When we first meet Morgana, she’s a smart, strong, kind young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it’s gonna upset Uther (actually, especially when it’s gonna upset Uther haha) and to fight for what she thinks is right (see Mordred). When Morgause enter in her life, she discovers that almost everything she knew was a lie, that she has magic but she still stays that generous young woman until the end of season 2. Then, after Merlin’s choice (this was definitely a choice: his friend or his destiny/other friend), she becomes the girl who wants the throne, and that until the end of  the show blablabla…

What is interesting in season 3 is that, if you think about it, does Morgana really wanted the throne? Or did she only do what Morgause wants her to do ? I’m sure Morgause loves her sister, but come on, she is using her. She manipulates her to achieve her goal. She made her hate everyone who cares about her: I understand she can hate Uther and Merlin (I mean, he tries to kill her), but what about Gwen and Arthur ? Gwen who was her best friend, and Arthur, well, he helped Mordred. She became her sister’s puppet and then the hatred started.

In season 4, she still wants the throne. But what for ? To let people use magic again ? I’m not sure of that. It seems that she only wants to avenge her sister death and to get what is “rightfully her”. Her reasons are not entirely clear and I’m pretty sure they are kind selfish. We can definitely say goodbye to the old compassionate Morgana, and hello to the “Uther part” of her. Morgana would have been a tyrant, I’m pretty sure of it. So we can say that her arc in season 4 was still interesting. But we knew what would happen : she will not succeed in her quest to have the throne. And in season 5… Does she even have an story arc in season 5 ? Seriously ? But considering season 5 was a total joke and a huge disappointment(Albion is never created, Merlin reveals his magic like 20 minutes before the end of the show, Merlin who is still treated like a servant most of the time, and don’t let me start about Mordred development, etc…). (I actually have an AU headcanon in which season 4 and 5 don’t exist and I will write about it someday but not today haha)

I wish Morgana had a redemption arc. That she becomes that girl she was in the first two seasons again. That she could decide what is wrong and what is right by herself, and not because her sister or someone else said so. 

So what if Merlin was the one who saved her instead of Aithusa ? What if Merlin said, just one time, “Screw destiny !” and helped her, because it was the right thing to do, and because she was his friend ?


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